Backgrounder: Halifax and Annapolis counties will benefit from investments to help bring people back to public spaces safely

Friends of First Lake Society Complete 650 metres of a 1.3-kilometre accessible trail section around First Lake to benefit all members of the community and surrounding area.  $150,000
non-repayable Gordon Kyle
902-488-5550 Hope for Wildlife Society Hope for Wildlife Society will expand its education centre and public areas to create 10 new learning exhibits. The organization will also repair and widen its existing trail system and add new directional and educational signage. $96,375
non-repayable Hope Swinimer
Hope for Wildlife Society
  Crowbar Lake Wilderness Association Repair and upgrade a 71-metre section of the boardwalk at the start of the Crowbar Lake Hiking Trail to grant users access to the remaining 15 kilometres of trail.   $32,032.50
non-repayable Sean Cassidy

L’Acadie de Chezzetcook Association



L’Acadie de Chezzetcook Association will upgrade the community room “La Grange” by installing a new floor, new lights, new bay window, painting walls, removing the old ventilation system, and upgrading the deck. The project will also help the organization create a more inclusive and secure area by renovating the decks and wheelchair ramp at the tea house, at the welcome centre, and the wheelchair ramp at the museum. $15,000
non-repayable Valentin Alfano
General Manager
L’Acadie de Chezzetcook Association
Royal Canadian Legion Branch 122 Install a heat pump to improve energy efficiency and purchase a kitchen waste management system to alleviate flooding concerns, ensuring long-term sustainability.   $15,000
non-repayable Dorothy Rodgers
Sackville Business Association The Sackville Business Association will install murals at Boston Pizza in Lower Sackville, Sackville Public Library and 592 Sackville Drive. The three murals will make the downtown core more attractive and encourage visitation. $11,671
non-repayable Michelle Champniss
Executive Director
Sackville Business Association
(902) 430-2377   Royal Canadian Legion Branch 21 Install a heat pump in the building and complete required electrical work to allow for year-round use by the community.  $11,250
non-repayable Bradley Bent
902-532-5196 TOTAL    $344,762.50  

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