Government of Canada invests in projects to increase access to employment opportunities and support persons with disabilities in the workplace

August 29, 2023              Sydney, Nova Scotia              Employment and Social Development Canada

Building on the government of Canada’s commitment to improve inclusion and financial security of Canadians with disabilities, today, the Minister of Diversity, Inclusion and Persons with Disabilities, Kamal Khera, announced nearly $73 million in funding under the Opportunities Fund for Persons with Disabilities (OF) to support 31 projects that organizations across Canada will launch this year.

This funding is in addition to $118 million announced in June 2023 to support 60 projects, which brings the Government’s total investment under the OF 2022 call for proposals to approximately $191 million.

Minister Khera made this announcement at the YMCA Cape Breton in Sydney, Nova Scotia, who received $1,119,755 in funding under the OF to assist persons with disabilities who face barriers to employment in Cape Breton and the Antigonish County. The organization will connect individuals who self-identify as persons with disabilities to subsidized employment and self-employment opportunities, supporting them through skills training, digital literacy and skills development that are required for high-demand positions in the region. Program participants will also have access to an entire host of services including, employment support, career counselling, and referral services to external agencies assisting in areas such as mental health and addictions disorders.

The OF brings together employers and employees with disabilities, to increase the participation of working-aged persons with disabilities in the workforce. The objective of the program is to assist persons with disabilities to prepare for, obtain and keep employment, advance in their careers, or become self-employed. Through the OF, more Canadians are able to achieve financial independence and participate in all aspects of society.

The funding announced today supports the Government of Canada’s Disability Inclusion Action Plan, specifically the employment pillar, and contributes to its ongoing commitment to create a truly inclusive Canada, free of physical, societal, and attitudinal barriers.

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