Chief Financial Officer – Little Shuswap Lake Band

16 March 2023

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Chief Financial Officer

CLASSIFICATION: Permanent Full Time
FUNCTION: Senior Management
REPORTS TO: Chief and Council/Finance & Audit Committee
OVERSEES: Finance Department
Postion Open Until Filled

The Chief Financial Officer is responsible for the overall financial management of the FIRST NATION and for the supervision, planning, direction and control of the Finance Department including upholding all statutory requirements of the FIRST NATION Financial Administrative Law and in accordance with Canadian Public Sector Accounting Standards.  This position is also responsible for the organization’s strategic financial planning, risk management, investing, organizational internal control framework within the policies and procedures set by the FIRST NATION Chief and Council.
The Chief Financial Officer is responsible for all annual audit requirements and for all financial reporting in accordance with the appropriate regulations and agreements. This position also manages and provides leadership to the overall management of the organization, is a member of the management team and a technical advisor to both the Finance and Audit Committee and to Chief and Council. The Chief Financial Officer is appointed by the Chief and Council and reports to Chief and Council and to the Finance and Audit Committee and ensures the progression toward the community’s vision by ensuring compliance with all policies, fiscal and legal regulations.
The overall role and responsibility of this position is determined by the FIRST NATION Financial Administrative Law, Chief and Council under statutory appointment and by Canadian Generally Accepted Accounting Principles. The Chief Financial Officer must be able make decisions which balance the financial capacity of FIRST NATION with the need to implement the goals and objectives as established by Chief and Council in relation to the organizational strategic plan and fiscal sustainability. The Manager must be able to make extremely difficult decisions, establish financial priorities from competing demands and often with limited resources. They must also make sound decisions regarding management of all internal control processes and for the transparency of all financial reporting and accountability for the use of organizational resources. Lastly, this position is responsible for ensuring that all risks are mitigated and all FIRST NATION assets are managed, secure and available for the benefit of the organization currently and in future.

  • Provides a high level of technical and strategic financial and policy  advise to Chief and Council, the Finance and Audit Committee and the senior management team;
  • Maintains broad oversight of all internal controls and responsibilities under the Financial Administrative Law;
  • Provides direct support to the management team for budgeting, forecasting, financial reporting and monitoring of financial activities;
  • Responsible for the oversight and leadership to the Finance Department, providing training, mentoring and support to employees and conducting annual employee evaluations and preparing of individual development plans;
  • Ensure that all finance employees have the skills and knowledge to perform the responsibilities of their positions.;
  • Recommend changes to staff function and placement (i.e. temporary / permanent employment status, position title, salary or wage) following Human Resource Policies.;
  • Plan, organize and control all aspects of the financial activities including functional control over all financial transactions and maintaining the accounts of;
  • Plan and coordinate the preparation, review, consolidate and present of all short-medium and long-term financial plans;
  • Prepare and present financial statements and other financial  reports;
  • Maintain Management Information Systems;
  • Ensure the financial systems, all Financial Administrative policies, procedures and internal controls are appropriately designed and operating effectively;
  • Provide evaluations and recommendations in respect of financial operations including  revenue management, investments, risks and overall financial information management systems;
  • Formulate and implement financial policies, systems and procedures to meet the organizational needs and in accordance with the FAL;
  • Advise and assist managers and supervisors on the interpretation and administration of the FIRST NATIONs Financial Administrative Law and its related regulations, policies and procedures;

Financial Audits

  • Prepare all year end closing and reconciling adjustments as required under GAAP;
  • Oversee annual financial audits, interacting with managers and the audit team on an ongoing basis;
  • Manage the compilation and production of all information required for the financial audit and ensure successful completion of the audit according to pre-determined standards and timetable;
  • Distribution, interpretation  and presentation annual audit;
  • Present Annual Report/Audited Statements to Membership.

Financial Management

  • Provides full controllership functions  to ensure finances are managed according to legislation guidelines, policies and procedures and accepted accounting principles and practices;
  • Oversee and manage all accounting, financial, risk management and asset management systems;
  • Manage all financial internal controls and processes for the organization;
  • Conduct financial analysis, forecasts and other analysis;
  • Prepare monthly, quarterly and other financial statements and reports;
  • Provide financial and accounting advice, direction and leadership;
  • Develop and implement purchasing practices and monitor all procurement systems;
  • Provide guidance and management over all contract, tendering and RFPs in relation to the FAL;
  • Implement and monitor disbursements policies and processes;
  • Manage all ISC and other reporting systems: Year End Management Reports, DCI Reports,  First Nation employee benefits, OSFI,  Pension, CMHC;
  • Establish and maintain cash controls and effect cash flow management;
  • Manage treasury (banking) agreements and banking services;
  • Manage debt and debenture requirements;
  • Monitor department spending and recommend corrective actions if necessary;
  • Manage investments and reserve funds;
  • Responsible for the overall financial management and accounting including Accounts Payable (AP), Accounts Receivable (AR), bank reconciliations, payroll, and management of the Chart of Accounts;


Financial Administrative Law

  • Provide all support and management services to the Finance and Audit Committee(FAC);
  • Prepare and maintain minutes, recommendations, and all other matters of the FAC;
  • Prepare and submit monthly financial information to be approved by the FAC/Council;
  • Research, prepare and submit quarterly financial statements to be approved by FAC/Council;
  • Management, development and planning of all Financial Administrative Law requirements including but not limited to:
    • Maintaining a tangible capital assets schedule;
    • 5, 10 and 30 year forecasts of the estimated cost for rehabilitation, or replacement of the first nation’s tangible capital assets;
    • Manage and maintain the local revenue account;
    • Management of all policies and procedures required by the Financial Administrative Law;
    • All other requirements under the Financial Administrative Law;

Strategic Financial Planning, Policy, and Processes

  • Participate in strategic, financial and human resources planning;
  • Lead organization in strategic financial planning process including  preparation and approval of annual budgets, 5-Year Financial Plans, Long-Term Capital Plans and Investment Plans ;
  • Provide high-level long term strategic human resource planning and implementation processes;
  • Attendance at all  meetings of Council, provide strategic input and recommendations to leadership on organizational financial matters;
  • Develop financial processes and policies in accordance with the FAL and guiding principles set out by Council, the Finance and Audit Committee, and GAAP;
  • Develop policy for the Finance and Audit Committee, prepare or provide any documentation and financial information required by the Council or the Finance and Audit Committee to discharge its responsibilities;
  • Develop and establish long and short term strategic plans, objectives, resource, and system requirements related to finance and accounting;
  • Evaluate financial reporting systems, accounting procedures, and investment activities and make recommendations as appropriate;
  • Prepare the annual budget and forecasts for the organization and for each department, working closely with the management team;

Funding Analysis

  • Manage and actively monitor compliance with contracts, funding, and expenditures with Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC) and other funding agencies;
  • Prepare cash flow requirements for all capital projects in relation to approved funding;
  • Provide all financial reporting required by schedule and providing special reports as needed;
  • Oversee funding and appropriate disbursement of funds to the different departments.


  • Oversee and manage the payroll systems and processes;
  • Ensures compliance with all payroll, pension and benefit legislation;
  • Manages all pension and benefit programs including the analysis and costing of the plans to ensure best value;
  • Provide advice and assistance on human resources planning and management issues;
  • Maintain of all personnel records and files;
  • Establish and maintain internal controls to ensure compliance with financial and human resources legislation, policies and procedures;


Other Tasks

  • Establish and maintain a system to track the receipt and disposal of all fixed assets;
  • Prepare Leases and Property Tax as it pertains to First Nation’s Lands
  • Prepare member credit payments for taxation grant

Under the requirements of the FIRST NATION Authorizations and Responsibilities Policy, the Chief Financial Officer may assign the performance of any of their duties or functions of this position to any Finance Department employee, contractor or advisor of FIRST NATION. This assignment does not relieve the Chief Financial Officer of the responsibility to ensure that these duties or functions are carried out in accordance with the Financial Administrative Law or as outlined in this job description.

  • Recognized leadership capabilities;
  • Proven history of working with FIRST NATION and First Nation history and culture;
  • Thorough knowledge of Canadian GAAP, Public Sector Accounting and Auditing standards;
  •  Thorough knowledge of relevant legislation, regulations and acts pertaining to financial management;
  • Sound knowledge of principles and practices of budgeting and accounting in government organizations;
  • Sound knowledge of software applications for accounting, reporting and control systems;
  • Exceptional written and verbal communication skills and the ability to discuss issues in a language suitable to the audience;
  • Advanced communication, strategic planning, and problem-solving skills;
  • Ability to apply research methods, statistical and cost analysis techniques, quantitative and qualitative analysis as applies to performance measure and forecasting;
  • Ability to research, analyze and merge complex subject matter to summarize, identify issues and trends, and to generate recommendations in a language suitable to the  audience;
  • Ability to lead by example, demonstrating leadership, client services attitudes, integrity, creativity and enthusiasm in achieving results directly and through staff work teams;
  • Ability  to manage staff collaboratively in a team environment, utilizing effective team building, communication and management techniques;
  • Ability to establish and maintain relationships, and collaborate effectively with internal and external stakeholder to develop, manage and evaluate programs/ services considering client needs, services delivery interrelationships and service potential
  • Knowledge of provincial and federal programs and policies, especially those related to Aboriginal governments;

The Chief Financial Officer is accountable to the Finance and Audit Committee and to Chief & Council.  They will be evaluated based on their ability; to maintain and improve the financial position of FIRST NATION, with clarity and timeliness in reporting and advice, and with accuracy of the records maintained by the First Nation.  There is an impact of the decisions of this position that affect staff, citizens and the legal and financial liability of FIRST NATION.  Proficient and efficient decision making can result in the First Nation maintaining a sound financial position.
The work of this position is evaluated on the management and oversight to the Financial Administrative Law, the effectiveness of the Finance Department along with the overall sustainability of the community government with regards to all financial matters. Effective functioning, including decision making, of the Finance and Audit Committee and  Chief and Council is dependent upon the support of this position. Errors can affect the entire government and the members of FIRST NATION.

  • Professional Accounting Designation (CPA) and a Certified Aboriginal Financial Management designation or equivalent combination of education and experience with a specific knowledge of Canadian Public Sector Accounting Standards.
  • Minimum of  5 years of financial and business in a First Nation organization.
  • Minimum of 5 years experience managing, directing and leading employees.
  • Extensive TYPEOF software experience or other integrated accounting software.
  • Broad experience in financial management systems and accounting, including payroll, audit, planning.
  • Experience in government revenue and taxation, financial policy setting and administration.
  • Familiarity with federal and provincial government policies and programs related for First Nation governments and organizations as well as their special reporting requirements.
  • Experience developing and preparing a variety of written reports, analysis, forecasting, presentations and other documentation in accordance with Council/ Board directives or regulatory guidelines.
  • Provine experience managing a finance team.
  • Knowledge of internal controls, audit requirements and procedures and corporate business tax returns.
  • Strong knowledge of regulations and governance related to accounting and finance (GAAP);
  • Advanced proficiency in Microsoft Office.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of First Nations culture and people preferred.
  • Valid BC Driver’s license.


  • Strong financial management skills across a multi-facetted government organization.
  • Strong inter-personal management skills including conflict resolution, evaluation and long-term planning.
  • Ability to manage multiple projects to ensure objectives, budget and timelines are met.
  • Ability to ensure quality service delivery.
  • Ability to make long-term strategic decisions including decisions supporting long-term sustainability of the organization.
  • Ability to draft, develop and implement policies, procedures, and applicable legislation.
  • Ability to self-manage time, competing priorities and provide support across the organization and to leadership and/or negotiations team for high level financial impacts relating to self-government and self-determination.
  • The ability to make sound budget projections and forecasts.
  • The ability to provide guidance and oversight to senior management team, consultants and leadership on a variety of financial matters including fiscal responsibilities and budgetary constraints.
  • Well organized, concise, detailed, and accurate.
  • Ability to read, understand, manage and negotiate terms and conditions of an agreement or contracts.
  • Ability to maintain strict confidentiality.
  • Ability to meet numerous and competing deadlines.
  • High level of proficiency using accounting and reporting software including basic trouble shooting.

Physical environment

Physical Effort

  • Extensive computer usage,
  • Prolonged sitting at a workstation

Mental / Sensory / Emotional Environment/ Emotional Effort

Position Required Travel

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