MCA and CBSA announce permanent Domestic Lane at Cornwall port of entry to improve traveller experience

January 30, 2024
Cornwall, Ontario
Canada Border Services Agency / Mohawk Council of Akwesasne

Recognizing the particular geography of the Cornwall port of entry, the Pilot Project was launched in late 2020, which designated a lane specifically for domestic travel. Since its launch, travellers have benefitted from a smoother border crossing experience at the CBSA Cornwall port of entry, including shorter wait times and reduced congestion.

The now permanent Domestic Lane is accessible to travellers who have not entered the United States. It includes those who are travelling directly to and from Kawehno:ke (Cornwall Island). Domestic travel include Akwesasne residents and non-residents and signage at the port of entry clearly indicates which lane is for domestic travel only.

The Domestic Lane was developed as part of the Border Collaboration Initiative, a joint effort by the CBSA and MCA to improve the daily lives of all who travel through the Cornwall port of entry. The CBSA is committed to working in collaboration with Indigenous partners in providing integrated border services that both support national security and public safety priorities and facilitate the free flow of admissible people and goods. As part of its commitment to Reconciliation, the CBSA has been working with Indigenous Peoples and communities on border mobility to build a relationship based on respect, partnership, and recognition of Indigenous rights.

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