Minister Ien highlights zero-emission vehicles and clean technology investments in Budget 2022

April 11, 2022          Toronto, Ontario

Through Budget 2022: A Plan to Grow Our Economy and Make Life More Affordable, the Government of Canada will make targeted and responsible investments to create good jobs, grow the economy, and build a Canada where nobody gets left behind.

Today, Yvan Baker, Member of Parliament for Etobicoke Centre, and the Honourable Marci Ien, Minister for Women and Gender Equality and Youth, met with Baka Mobile to hear about their environmentally conscious company policies and highlight commitments to reaching net-zero emissions by making the switch to zero-emission vehicles more affordable.

This is part of the government’s plan to help Canadians and Canadian businesses benefit from the global transition to a clean economy. Budget 2022 includes new incentives for the development of clean technologies and carbon capture, utilization, and storage. In addition to further investments to protect our land, lakes, and oceans, the government will also make it more affordable for Canadians to purchase zero-emission vehicles, build and expand a national network of zero-emission vehicle charging stations, and make new investments in clean energy.

Canada entered the pandemic with the lowest net debt-to-GDP ratio of all G7 countries—an advantage that has since increased relative to other countries. Canada has seen the best jobs recovery in the G7 and, as of March 2022, has recovered 115 percent of the jobs lost at the height of the pandemic with an unemployment rate that sits at just 5.3 percent—the lowest rate on record since 1976.

With Budget 2022, Canada will maintain this leading position and its fiscally responsible approach by supporting economic growth and building an economy that works for everyone. Crucially, it upholds the government’s fiscal anchor—a declining debt-to-GDP ratio and the unwinding of COVID-19-related deficits, which will ensure that Canada’s finances remain sustainable in the long term.

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