Remaining amendments to the Public Service Employment Act now in effect

Changes to address biases and barriers in public service staffing

July 4, 2023 – Gatineau, Quebec

The Public Service Commission of Canada (PSC) today announced the coming into force of the final 2 amendments to the Public Service Employment Act. The changes are part of several legislative amendments that came into force in stages, all with the goal of creating a more inclusive and diverse public service that reflects the population it serves.

The most recent amendments:

  • require departments and agencies subject to the act to evaluate assessment methods used in hiring processes (like interviews or written exams) for biases and barriers that disadvantage people belonging to equity-seeking groups, and to take steps to remove or mitigate any biases or barriers that are found
  • expand the authorities of the PSC and deputy heads to investigate errors, omissions or improper conduct specifically resulting from biases or barriers in staffing that disadvantage people belonging to equity-seeking groups

In preparation for these changes, the PSC has been consulting with departments and agencies, bargaining agents and employee diversity networks to update its policy framework and develop guidance and tools.

The PSC is dedicated to the ongoing efforts to achieve a more equitable and diverse Canada, including through:

  • our continued support to departments and agencies in implementing the new legislative requirements
  • various specialized recruitment and internship programs
  • audits on the impacts of hiring practices on equity-seeking groups

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