Southwest Nova Scotia will benefit from improved offerings to help the tourism sector recover and attract visitors in the region

CLIENT NAME PROJECT TOTAL MEDIA CONTACT Digby Pines Golf Resort and Spa The resort and spa will upgrade its HVAC and air ventilation systems to transition the facility from a seasonal operation to a year-round tourism experience. $500,000 (repayable) John Squires
VP of Development
(902) 489-3639 Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability Developments (LOHAS) The company will build two new vacation cabins made from wood harvested and processed in Nova Scotia. The cabins will be solar-powered and the hot water will be solar-heated for a 100 % off-grid, energy-efficient tourism experience. $349,551 (repayable) Robert Donahue
President, Secretary
(709) 691-0740
La Cuisine Robicheau The restaurant will repurpose two shipping containers on its seaside property for accommodations and another for an electrical and utilities station for guests and employees. $77,000 
(non-repayable) Shane Robicheau
Chef and Project Manager
(902) 769-2121
Upper Clements Cottages & RV Park Heat pumps will be installed in seven cottages for year-round comfort. Wi-fi will be upgraded and an electric vehicle charging station will be installed to support sustainable travel. $15,000
(non-repayable) Martin-Henri Villeneuve
(902) 532-0269
Deep Sky Eye Observatory The observatory will purchase two larger telescopes, an improved projector and sound system, and zero gravity chairs to increase outdoor seating capacity. Double doors and a ramp in the observatory will increase accessibility. $13,299

Timothy Doucette


(902) 648-2723

TOTAL   $954,850  

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