Upgrades complete at St. Stephen Ferry Point Bridge port of entry

June 29, 2023

St. Stephen, New Brunswick

Canada Border Services Agency

The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) is pleased to announce the completion of essential infrastructure upgrades that began last July at the Ferry Point Bridge port of entry, in St. Stephen, New Brunswick.

The three former primary inspection lanes and booths have been replaced by two upgraded primary inspection lanes with modern booths and an improved parking area. This will allow for safer and more efficient processing by CBSA officers, and will improve the flow of traffic.

These upgrades were essential to providing a safe and smooth border experience for travellers seeking entry into Canada. They also play a part in reducing CBSA’s carbon footprint.

The CBSA recognizes that service disruptions at the border affect both travellers and industry. We thank the travelling public for their patience and understanding while this important construction work was completed.

During peak travel periods, especially over the upcoming Canada Day and Fourth of July holidays, travellers are encouraged to check border wait times and plan accordingly. 

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